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From Our Local Farm to Your Table

backwater NOUN
ˈbækwɔːtə(r) ˈbækwɔːtər

1) a part of a river away from the main part, where the water only moves slowly
2) (often disapproving)
a place that is away from the places where most things happen and seems not affected by progress
a sleepy/quiet/rural backwater

Backwater Farm PROPER NOUN
ˈbækwɔːtə(r) ˈbækwɔːtər fɑːm fɑːrm

1) a wee, idyllic 40 acre farm on Puget Island, Washington in the lower Columbia River.  A wondrous setting of quiet beauty where the sky seems bluer, the pastures greener and the times simpler.  A place where ”Hands On. Done Right. Proud Of It.” farming produces delicious results.

Latest Products

2013 marked the end of an era of sorts... sadly our entire garlic crop was lost to a wind borne fungus that is very, very difficult to get rid of. And so Friends, BWF is no longer growing the world class garlic we've all loved for years.

But Backwater Farm is very much alive and growing forward!

We now supply Meadow Raised Hens' Eggs to the Astoria Food Co-op, the Puget Island Farmer's Market and others. We sell honey and some seasonal produce at the Farmer's Market as well.

Our newest effort is raising hormone free, grass fed and grass finished beef. We will keep everyone posted on the particulars of this as the "to market" time draws near in the Fall of 2016.

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