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backwater NOUN
ˈbækwɔːtə(r) ˈbækwɔːtər

1) a part of a river away from the main part, where the water only moves slowly
2) (often disapproving)
a place that is away from the places where most things happen and seems not affected by progress
a sleepy/quiet/rural backwater

Backwater Farm PROPER NOUN
ˈbækwɔːtə(r) ˈbækwɔːtər fɑːm fɑːrm

1) a wee, idyllic 40 acre farm on Puget Island, Washington in the lower Columbia River.  A wondrous setting of quiet beauty where the sky seems bluer, the pastures greener and the times simpler.  A place where “Hands On. Done Right. Proud Of It.” farming produces delicious results.

Latest Products

OK, so it's true we haven't updated our BWF website for quite sometime, but the truth is we don't use this site at the moment.

We don't grow garlic anymore, but we do sell farm fresh Backwater eggs, stewing hens, boiler chickens, honey, way killer good jellies and jams, produce when seasonal, and grass fed/grass finished finished GMO/hormone/antibiotic free black angus beef by the whole, half, quarter, etc.

And we even now have a farm store/gallery open Saturdays from 12 PM-4 PM carrying all these Hands On, Done Right, Proud of It goodies and more. And we have some of best of the best retail sites like the Astoria Food Co-op & Patty Cakes Cafe and Roasting here in Cathlamet. So the best way to reach us is to swing by 320 E. Birnie Slough Road in Cathlamet, WA 98612 one of these Saturdays, head to the Co-op or Patty's, or simply follow us on Facebook.

As for here, it's going to nap bit longer.

Thanks for Understanding

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